Champions Tennis League Format

Players will be given their match list before the start of the league season.

  • It is the player’s responsibility to set up matches with the opponents in their schedule
  • It is recommended that players complete all matches within two weeks of its scheduled date,but all matches MUST be completed by the last week of the regular season.
  • All scores must be reported on the Champion Tennis League website by the last day of the regular season. If scores are not reported,both players will receive 0 points for that match.

Point System

  • 15 points for a straight set victory
  • 12 points for a tie victory
  • 1 point for each game the losing team wins,limited to a total of 10 points

Match Play Rules

  • Matches will consist of two sets with regular scoring and a 12-point tiebreak (more widely referred to as a 7-point tiebreaker since the first one to 7 points by 2 points is declared the winner) at 6-all in each set.
  • In the event of split sets,a pro-tiebreak will be used in place of a full third set. The pro tiebreak is the first player reaching 10 points and winning by two points.
  • Warm-up time will be limited to 10 minutes at the beginning of the match time. All service practice must be taken during the 10 minute warm-up (not after play has begun).
  • Home team needs to bring an unopened can of balls and spin a racquet to determine order of serving.
  • If none of the players from the opposing team do show up on time for the match,there will be a 15 minute default time. If contact has been made with the 4th “missing”player and that player is “en route”then a 30-minute grace period should be allowed (15 additional minutes,30 minutes from the original match time). But,when that player arrives the match should begin immediately,especially if courts have a 2-hour reservation window. If the present team decides to reschedule instead of opting for the forfeit,the onus is on the opposing team/player to play the match. If it does not get played before the season concludes,then a forfeit will be awarded the team initially aggrieved.
  • Any cancellation of a scheduled match will result in a forfeit/default for the team or player that cancels if said match remains unplayed by the end of the season. The responsibility falls upon the cancelling team or player to reschedule said match.
  • Forfeits will be noted on the schedule as just that –forfeits. The winning teams gets credited with a forfeit one,which will be added to their overall win total on the stats page but also listed as a “Forfeit Victory”or “Forfeit Win”. The points awarded for that will be the average point total of all of the other matches they have played at the end of the season. So if Spencer/Pilar are 3-2 with 50 points and 1 Forfeit Victory (meaning they would technically be 4-2),then Spencer/Pilar would be awarded 10 pts for that forfeit victory. The team that suffered the forfeit loss would still receive 0 points,but it would show that they suffered a “Forfeit Loss”in the stats column. Any forfeit loss will not count towards a player/team’s won/loss record. So a player who has won 4 matches but had to forfeit 2 due to scheduling issues will finish the season 4-0.
  • Champions Tennis League promotes a fun and competitive atmosphere and urges players to use sportsmanlike conduct.


  • Ratings on file with the USTA,at the start of the league,will be used. If at the start of the league a player does not have a rating on file with the USTA ,Champions Tennis league will accept a self-rating.
  • Level of play restrictions –Players may only play at their current NTRP level and up a half level.

Play Offs

  • Teams/players have to complete at least 4 matches to be eligible for playoffs. Seeding for the tournament will be based on a team’s wins/points. Wins are the most important stat,and then points,in case of a tie (wins trump points).
  • The top 40-50% of the teams/players will be included,with perhaps more in some cases.
  • The playoffs will proceed just as the regular season,with one match played per week,unless the teams involved agree to conclude it sooner.

Waiver of Claim

  • All players participating in the Champions Tennis League Program as a condition of their participation,agree for themselves that all claims of every kind,nature and description are WAIVED,including past,present and future claims,if any,for injuries sustained in traveling to or from or from participating in the Champions Tennis League against the Champions Tennis League and all sponsors,coordinators,verifiers and members of all committees relevant to the Champions Tennis League.

    Any disputes will be resolved and decided on by the Champions Tennis League.  Please report any issues that arise immediately.

A Few Tips:
1) Play soon,and play often.

Flex schedules should provide great flexibility for the participants and it need not cause stress if done properly. Right now,all of you should have the contact information for your opponents. I would advise you to contact all of them and arrange matches as soon as possible. Pass along dates when you know that you will not be available so teams (and you) can work around that. The end of the season can sneak up on you,and it is much better to play your matches early and cruise to the finish line than vice verse. The schedules posted on the Champions Tennis League site are a useful guide,and do provide all players with their 6 opponents for the season,but the weeks and dates are not as important as playing. When you play and the order that you play is secondary to getting those matches played. Again…play soon,and play often.

2) Formulate a plan,and stick to it.

Once matches have been scheduled,try your best to play it without delay or cancellation. Emergencies and weather certainly can interfere with tennis,so expect the unexpected and have a Plan B in mind. Please do not treat scheduled matches cavalierly,as others have made plans to accommodate you. Unnecessary cancellations of matches cause undue stress and can create havoc with the schedule. Having a plan and sticking with it makes a very big difference in a flex league.

3) Be Flexible.

Hey,this isn’t a flex league for nothing! Simply put,be willing to accommodate your opponents whenever possible,but they will expect the same in return. Do not do anything that you would not want done to you (Golden Tennis Rule),so plan,show up on time,and do your best to make this a great experience for all players. If there are courts at a destination which makes it easier for both teams/players,by all means try to work with one another. Most of our players are located in and around Cary,so Cary Tennis Park and other Cary satellite facilities will be used by most of you,but let us also respect the players from other parts of the region. No matter the home or away team,let us be agreeable and willing to accommodate when it is required. This takes us to court costs…

4) Court Costs

In general,there is no Champions Tennis League policy regarding court costs. It is assumed that the costs will be shared unless the home team/player simply wants to be generous and offer to pay. But,if the opponent is unwilling to pay for some reason,then efforts should be made to play at a public facility where there are no such costs involved. It is unreasonable to ask players to pay for courts if they do not wish to do so. That being established,Cary Tennis Park is an excellent facility and worth the price for most.

5 ) Facilities and Easiest Times to Play

Cary offers the Cary Tennis Park (CTP),which provides 30 lighted courts to its players,as well as a few other facilities:Annie Jones Park (6 courts);Dunham Park (5 courts);and Godbold Park (6 courts) –all lighted. Apex Community Park also provides 6 courts in the area. Reservations are almost always needed at CTP (919-462-2061,$2/hr for residents and $3/hr for non-residents),but the other public courts in Cary and Apex do not require or accept reservations. here are school teams that use those facilities on occasion,but their seasons should be coming to a close very shortly. All other special reserved events will be posted at the facility site,and unknown by CTP staff. Those courts are mostly unreserved,however. Reservations at CTP can be made 48 hrs. in advance for non-passholders,while passholders may reserve courts 7 days ahead of time.

All public courts in Raleigh can be reserved through Millbrook Exchange (919-872-4128),a 23-court lighted facility. Reservations are not normally required,though,but a wait could be in store at certain hours of the day/evening. Centrally located courts include Pullen Park,Optimist Park,Glen Eden Park,and a few others.

Certain days and evenings at any of these facilities are in higher demand than others. For instance,Cary Tennis Park is generally easily accessible on the weekend evenings (Friday,Saturday and Sunday nights). Weekday mornings and afternoons are also great times to play. CTP offers free play with no reservations from 12:00-2:00 PM,Monday-Thursday,and every Saturday evening from 6:00-8:00 PM. Assuming your schedules are not completely full,the weekend evenings are perfect for tennis!

If you do play at an unreserved court during a weeknight,I would advise arriving at least 30-45 minutes ahead of time if at all possible unless you totally confident that courts will be available. Matches should not last longer than two hours considering we play a third set tie-break,so any reservations made for 2 hours should be more than ample with a 15-minute warm-up (assuming everyone is there by the start time,which is very important).

6) Reporting Scores

Scores should be reported on the Champions Tennis League site by clicking on the “Report Scores”tab. The winning teams is ALWAYS responsible for submitting the match scores. The set-up should be rather self-explanatory,but simply put your and your opponents’names in the boxes provided,and list the match score with YOUR number first since you won ( for example,you win the match in a third set tiebreak,after winning the first set and losing the second set,you would enter the score:6-1,4-6,1-0).